At it again… in Moscow, at Sberbank

additional resources I am starting a new initiative, setting up a Technology Research Center at Sberbank Russia. The story is very similar to what I have been doing for the past 15 years – start from scratch, build a new technology team, adapt everything that I’ve learned (I hope…) to both the organization and the cultural environment (the way people think about technology, about innovation, about hardware and software, about work in general). I am starting with the principles that I have developed by being in the trenches of new technology development and adoption for so many years – experiment fast, think like a customer, try a lot of ideas, focus on process and not on a particular “killer idea”, get results and deliverables and demos — even though you start necessarily with PowerPoint. My objective is to create a leading-edge emerging technology team. We will focus on identifying and piloting new ideas to support the bank’s strategic goals (i.e. technologies for banking and financial services) and accelerate its overall business process innovation (through internal social networking) and modernization objectives (modernization being the catch-all word for the collection of innovation initiatives that go beyond technology).

The first challenge is getting a team in place, a small dedicated, high-performance team.

I am looking for team members that are proven innovators, experts in their field, willing to identify and solve major challenges through dedicated personal effort, and external and internal collaboration initiatives.

If you  know anyone who looks like this description, email me…