“Client” Roles and Virtualization

buy isotretinoin mexico In a recent discussion, my team has touched on strategies available to deliver, quickly and efficiently, a standard client/desktop to users, based on their role in the organization.

Çaycuma I see four different ways to deliver this capability :

  • use a “remote desktop” product like Tivoli Remote Control to access standard installations on the server side
  • use  standardized physical boot images and and a remote boot product like TPM for OS Deployment
  • use virtual images and the “virtual appliance” concept, with the added benefit of Tivoli Provisioning Manager for image management and a Virtual Appliance Repository for finding your images
  • use “application virtualization” techniques as implemented in the new TPM for Application Virtualization

The decision to go one way or another is also influenced by the latency/performance impact the users are willing to accept.

Looking forward to seeing more of these techniques implemented in 2008.

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