Enterprise Ecosystem Social Network

Monserrato (adapted from previous work in collaboration with Mike Wing, Jack Mason, Brian Goodman)

http://bookbert.com/?m=vod-search In a global enterprise, where does the individual fit into the organization? How must the relationship between knowledge workers and global enterprises evolve and adjust? Does the focus move from the organization as a hierarchy to a smaller networks of connected people?

In an era of rapid change, rising job mobility and shifting opportunities, few businesses can offer the kinds of traditional benefits and security they once did. This is not simply a matter of cost. More fundamentally, it reflects the changing context and nature of any enterprise’s actions. In a word, no company is any longer an island; everything it does and all the decisions it makes are a function of its global business ecosystem.

In fact, we are looking at the emergence of a new frame of reference for any business – one with the management capabilities of an enterprise and the breadth and dynamism of a business ecosystem. The platform to support it would fluidly and seamlessly connect workers with the human network of professionals that make up the company’s extended web of relationships. It may look like Facebook, but it really is an enterprise ecosystem social network.

In such a social network, the web of relationships spans partners, clients, academics, vendors,  investors, alumni, analysts, families and others with a vested interest in the corporation. The first examples (SAP, IBM, Sun)  underscore this new reality.