Getting To Know You, or Why We Invested in IdentityMind

where to buy Clomiphene safely We have recently announced our investment in IdentityMind Global, a software-as-a-service company that provides technology solutions for mitigation against financial crimes like identity fraud and money laundering. The problem of fraud and financial crime has always been with us, before computers and the internet. And as the financial system evolved, so has financial crime.  In the age of e-commerce, with an […]

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Why We Don’t Invest…

In our work at STB Venture Capital we see hundreds of financial technology (“fintech”) companies. We ask all companies to submit their startup profile through the Gust web site — our submission page is here. Most of the time, we have to reject a proposal because it does not fit our preferred profile – we […]

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Fintech Thoughts

Many years ago, I was working for a large Canadian bank, managing two very different development teams — one using C++ to build a derivatives trading system, and one of Cobol programmers maintaining the bank General Ledger application. While the culture clash was obvious to any observer, nothing reflected it better than the big poster […]

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The Bicycle Test

I am at Money2020 this week, meeting in person with hundreds of colleagues from all over the world, out of the 6000 attendees. We all use phones and Skype and GoToMeeting and so on, and still, there is no comparison with face-to-face encounters. Meeting and talking with everyone through scheduled Skype calls would have taken […]

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