Moven and the Diffusion of Fintech Innovations

cheap Lyrica canada Perpeetum Mobile When I was in 5th grade, at the end of the academic year, just before the start of the summer vacation, our Physics teacher shared with us a “big secret”: he invented a “perpetuum mobile” machine. He went on a rant about how he has it all designed, could not build it because he did […] Read More

Focus on Moven

A word I constantly hear these days is “focus”. It comes in many forms, from advisors insisting the company should focus on this or that aspect of the business, from experts that have focused their career on a narrow field, to behavioral experts explaining that multitasking is “killing our brains” and we should focus on […]

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Fintech Thoughts

Many years ago, I was working for a large Canadian bank, managing two very different development teams — one using C++ to build a derivatives trading system, and one of Cobol programmers maintaining the bank General Ledger application. While the culture clash was obvious to any observer, nothing reflected it better than the big poster […]

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Do we need beta programs?

I see it again and again — some developers are so focused on delivering the software that they forget to get an early prototype out for people to check and provide feedback. It is almost like in one of the classic Dilbert cartoons, where a developer was complaining about “evil-spawned users”… There are a couple […]

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