Moven and the Diffusion of Fintech Innovations

where can i buy Ivermectin ivermectin Perpeetum Mobile When I was in 5th grade, at the end of the academic year, just before the start of the summer vacation, our Physics teacher shared with us a “big secret”: he invented a “perpetuum mobile” machine. He went on a rant about how he has it all designed, could not build it because he did […] Read More

Software-defined Payments Infrastructure

Software-defined anything (SDx) is a new term, attempting to name a collection of standards for computing infrastructure programmability and data center interoperability. It started with software-defined networking (SDN), which enables the separation of the networking logic and policies into software, decoupled from the individual hardware device. Think functionality similar to Cisco or Juniper network devices […]

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Sberbank 2.0

I have been interviewed recently by Tatiana Naumova for a Russian investment magazine. Since the interview will be published in Russian translation, I am including here the (slightly edited) English transcript. 4 main directions for innovation in Sberbank this year – in our interview with the Director of Technology Research Center Dr. Mircea Mihaescu. Author […]

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