Getting To Know You, or Why We Invested in IdentityMind

Seroquel precio We have recently announced our investment in IdentityMind Global, a software-as-a-service company that provides technology solutions for mitigation against financial crimes like identity fraud and money laundering. The problem of fraud and financial crime has always been with us, before computers and the internet. And as the financial system evolved, so has financial crime.  In the age of e-commerce, with an […]

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Why We Don’t Invest…

In our work at STB Venture Capital we see hundreds of financial technology (“fintech”) companies. We ask all companies to submit their startup profile through the Gust web site — our submission page is here. Most of the time, we have to reject a proposal because it does not fit our preferred profile – we […]

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VC Negotiation Fun

When we started SBT Venture Capital, we were excited about a future of identifying great companies – visionary teams with excellent products. And excited about the post-funding challenge of helping them grow to their full potential. What we did not foresee was the huge amount of time spent on negotiating details, from term sheets to […]

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Money For Nothing

In a previous life we were trying to adapt new innovative technologies from startups to the needs of Sberbank — a “technology research” activity that involved actually installing and integrating solutions and trying them out, not just reading the company sales pitch/marketing brochure. And I was presenting in front of a large audience of Russian […]

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Patience with new ideas

When moving innovations/new ideas to the implementation stage, it pays to be patient. In one of my early startup experiences, we achieved $6 million/year revenue, no profit (but no loss either), painfully acquired 4800 on-line customers, and built quite a solid web-based solution. All in 18 months, with more than $10 million left in the […]

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