Do You Want To Be My Friend ? I have profiles defined on Facebook, Linkedin, Plaxo, and several others. In each case, I have a list of connections/relationships/friends, and it is up to me to remember the social context of that relationship, a context that is “in my head” and not saved in the system. What we need is a way to classify […]

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Patience with new ideas

When moving innovations/new ideas to the implementation stage, it pays to be patient. In one of my early startup experiences, we achieved $6 million/year revenue, no profit (but no loss either), painfully acquired 4800 on-line customers, and built quite a solid web-based solution. All in 18 months, with more than $10 million left in the […]

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Do we need beta programs?

I see it again and again — some developers are so focused on delivering the software that they forget to get an early prototype out for people to check and provide feedback. It is almost like in one of the classic Dilbert cartoons, where a developer was complaining about “evil-spawned users”… There are a couple […]

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Getting close to customers

I have worked in many corners of the industry — on the receiving end of “new” technology where the vendor pretty much camped in front of our office and worked with us until everything worked fine, on the delivery/producing end. Both in startups and large technology companies. From what I have seen, having direct developer […]

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